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Male Bodybuilding # Four Principles PDF  | Print |  E-mail
We've all seen the cartoon.  The weakling gets sand kicked in his face, while the beefcake gets the girl.  But, do muscles really make the man?  No, there are more important components of masculinity, but our culture does obsess about muscles.

Predominant cultural belief in modern society, at least in North America, has imposed certain specifications that define the "ideal" male body.  Countless men (and even young boys) turn to male bodybuilding as a means to define their very basic masculinity.

Thankfully, male bodybuilding can offer a man more than a buffed bod.  A proper bodybuilding regime is about more than simply pumping weights at the gym.  Today's refined routines combine weightlifting with proper nutrition and rest to achieve aesthetic body shape, tone, and mass.

In modern circles, there are different views of health, nutrition, and in the very term "bodybuilding".  Some view male bodybuilding as simply a sport.  Others consider it to be a science.  There are also those who view bodybuilding as an art form.  Regardless of how it is perceived, male bodybuilding is too complex to be relegated into a single category.

The Four Principles

A healthy male bodybuilding regimen involves four parameters:
* nutrition
* recuperation
* supplementation
* exercise

In order to be truly successful in male bodybuilding, each of these four areas must receive full respect and maximum effort.  

Regardless of what type of exercise you're doing, the greatest level of success requires the best training regimen.  Nutrition is paramount to success.  Never skip a meal, or forget to take your nutrient supplements.  Good nutrients and the proper supplements are keys to successful male bodybuilding.  The basic rule of thumb is: if you're not growing, you're just not eating enough.

Successful male bodybuilding requires adequate rest and recuperation as well.  It's only natural that your body will need a good night's sleep to catch up after a day of lifting heavy weights and completing rigorous routines.  When your body is at rest, your muscles will be able to recover, and this is when muscle mass is created.

HIT Male Bodybuilding System

HIT stands for Highly Intensive Training.  This is a prime fitness system that has been adapted by many male bodybuilding aficionados.  While clearly the most taxing, HIT is also the most effective male bodybuilding program available.

The HIT male bodybuilding system centers on a series of highly intense and infrequent workouts.  Emphasis is placed on compound movements and progression.  Muscles are torn and broken down during these exercise sessions and then, allowed to rest.  During this rest period, hypertrophy or muscle growth occurs.  This is the body's natural response to injury, not unlike a callus developing to protect the skin.   The HIT system of male bodybuilding takes this natural process one step further, and optimizes the tendency of muscle to rebuild itself once it's been broken down.  Intensive male bodybuilding training increases the extent of muscle breakdown, and increases overall muscle gain.

Of course, there's far more important elements to being a man than the size of your biceps.  If, however, you are interested in taking up male bodybuilding, talk to a fitness instructor to develop a routine that's best for you.
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