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Take Your Family to the Caribbean PDF  | Print |  E-mail
One thing that's widely known about the Caribbean is that it is a very popular destination for families. That's because a Caribbean family vacation usually means more fun and features in an all-inclusive resort. Family packages usually offer the following:

* Great family rates
* Mealtime convenience and drinks on tap
* Beach and water sports
* Deluxe swimming pools and water slides
* Grown-up pampering such as spas, dining, cocktail parties, etc.
* Baby-sitting and other amenities
* Child-friendly programs and family activities

However, there are times when there are just so many all-inclusive Caribbean family travel resorts out there that it's difficult to pick just one. Given the financial cost and emotional investment, the stakes are high. How do you know which one goes with you and your family best?

All-Inclusive vs. All-Included

When hotels advertise all-inclusive, it's logical to assume that the package includes everything. But keep in mind that an all-inclusive Caribbean family travel includes almost, but not quite, everything. So you receive all meals and snacks, drinks, kids' programs, and certain water sports and other activities but not all of them.

Pay attention to the following:

* Gear for snorkeling is frequently free, but there may be a limit on how long you can use them. And if you want to join a snorkeling boat trip on your Caribbean family travel, it may have an additional cost.

* Scuba is commonly extra.

* Spas are always extra, unless you have one of those special Caribbean family packages.

Off-property outings are not included, though a shuttle bus to a nearby town may be free.

* Some non-all-inclusive resorts offer plans that include meals and/or activities.

* Non-motorized water sports are usually included, such as kayaks, wind surfing, aqua-trikes, etc. If you want the motorized ones, such as jet skis and water skis, it may cost you.

Kids' Club

Nearly every all-inclusive Caribbean family travel package offers this. Many are "friendly little clubs" cute spots with one or two rooms with toys and TV and perhaps video games for kids ages 4-12. A warm and friendly staff is always available to provide them with care.

But if you want your kids to enjoy the multi-program type, most all-inclusive resorts have this as well. Here, there are various places and programs for different ages. Some reputable names that offer this feature in their all-inclusive Caribbean family travel specials are Club Med in Punta Cana, Beaches resorts and Atlantis in the Bahamas.

The Littlest Ones

Increasingly more Caribbean family travel resorts now provide nurseries and infant care for guests traveling with their babies or toddlers. This is welcome break for you, parents, because even if you only leave your child for a few hours in the nursery during nap time, that short amount of time can be invigorating and gives you a chance to enjoy your Caribbean family travel vacation yourself.

If you're concerned whether on-site doctors or nurses are available, try one of the bigger Caribbean family travel resorts. They're your best choice. And lastly, as a miscellaneous tip, be sure to double check the site where you booked your Caribbean family travel to make sure that the baby-club will actually be in service during your vacation.
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