Luxury Family Cruises

Here are two words that don't often go together:  "Luxury" and "Family".

Is it possible to find luxurious accommodations that will welcome the children and if so, do you really want to bring the kids along?

Truth is, taking a family vacation can be the experience of a lifetime.   Parents and children will all gather memories to last a lifetime.  The trick is to find a balance between the "quality time" you all enjoy, and the relaxing "me time" you really need.  Luxury family cruises offer the best of all worlds for everyone in your family.

You could likely spend an entire week enjoying poolside marguerites or sipping wine in a Jacuzzi; but this is not much fun for the kids.  And face it; if the children are at the pool with you, do you really expect to get much relaxation?  On a family cruise, there are options and activities to keep the kids busy and happy, and the parents blissfully relaxed.

Traditional cruises are great for adults and even teenagers who enjoy basking in the sun or getting a massage, but anyone under the age of 13 needs a lot more excitement than that.  Remember, it's the kids' vacation too, and they need fun and games to really appreciate time away from their daily lives.  

Disney is probably the best-known provider of luxury family cruises, but most major cruise companies offer these special packages.  Parents can kick back while kids are kept busy with toys galore, video arcades, karaoke, teen makeovers and loads of activities.  Luxury family cruises offer plenty of options for kids of all ages and interests.

Mom and dad will love the luxurious amenities that cruises provide.  All the grown-up goodies are there: pools and hot tubs to lounge in, hot fudge sundaes to indulge in, discos to boogie at and so much more.  At the end of the day, you can meet for a family dinner and share stories about all of the day's fabulous adventures.  

Combining luxury and family can be done.  More importantly, enjoying a great vacation with your kids is possible.   Book your luxury family cruise today.  You # and your kids # deserve it!